Transportation Is No Issue

Having to travel here and there can have its pros and cons, but as a general fact, being on the road is a real nuisance because of the horrible traffic that’s gradually risen over the last couple of years. I highly doubt traffic was much of an issue back then, because there certainly wasn’t as much cars on the road unlike now, mainly due to the fact that everyone owns one, or even more in some cases. This is actually quite disturbing, for someone to have more than one car, because to be honest, just one would be enough. But no, there are some people in the current or even older generations who love to show off the fact that they have a house full of cars, from all the luxury brands like BMW’s to Audi, and so on. For some reason they like all the attention and praise they receive from people, and that is ridiculous. There’s absolutely no need for a person to show off the amount of cars they have, and why can’t you just be humble and sell them to people who actually need it way more than you?

This is the main reason as to why the traffic on the road is so bad. In any regular family, the father has a car, the wife, the son, and the daughter as well. Four cars counted already; imagine another family having more than 4 people, and a car for each and every one of them? Absurd, is what it is, but unfortunately this is the case, and that’s why some people are stuck in traffic for more than two hours. This was definitely not the case before, as people would walk everywhere, and only the people who could afford cars, owned one. Walking was the most preferred option and that’s why they never felt sick or had any other health problems like cholesterol or pressure. It’s also the reason as to how most of the past generations are actually still living, to see how the current generations are. Sadly, they’ll be disappointed to see how lazy people have got, as they prefer to drive around everywhere. Having cars like a Volkswagen may give you popularity, but a Volkswagen service Brisbane is very costly.How people afford to have cars like that will forever be a mystery.

However, servicing for any type of car is anyway expensive.On a more positive note, things have drastically improved compared to how things were back then, for which we must be grateful.