Major Problems Of Automatic Transmission You Can’t Ignore

We are constantly heading to an automatic world. Every possible appliance and machinery is running on some extent of automation. Even, cars are heading that way. The transmission has turned into an automatic one. People driving a car with automatic transmission have or had this fear that what is the option if the automatic transmission fails? But before the transmission really fails, it will definitely show signs of warning. This post is about those signs to make people aware of the certain situations when they must be careful of failing automatic transmission.

Rough shifts:
A driver may feel that the shift from one gear to another is not that much smooth as it should be. It may even refuse the change in gear. These are possible signs of a failing automatic transmission. Even, certain sounds like a ‘thud’ or a ‘clunk’ can be heard during the shifting of gears. These sounds are not created by any proper transmission system. The car may also show some difficulty in getting up the speed in the way it usually did. When car driving seems difficult because of these symptoms, it a warning sign that your car need the help of automatic transmission repairs Chelsea.

Fluid leak:
Fluid leak problems do not occur for transmission as the units are generally sealed. Though these should not ever leak, you must become aware if you notice any leakage. If you notice any spot on the garage floor or the driveway, it is better to inspect. The way is to lay down cardboard under the middle and the front part of the car. Fluid leaking from the transmission is usually bright red. The colour of the fluid can be dark brown or red. When you notice any leakage, visit a mechanic of any reputed automatic transmissions service. It is necessary to fill the units properly as overloaded transmissions can do more problems.

It is late:
When transmission problems occur the car takes some time before engaging into action. You will notice that there will be long pause before the car starts moving forward. It will not start working as it should do.

Slipping transmission:
If a driver feels like the car is changing gear without any reason or it is tough to change gear, it can be a sign of slipping gear. When you feel this problem, it is high time for getting the transmission checked. Timely repair can solve issues easily before it turns into a very serious problem. Keep these problems in mind and rush to the mechanic if any of these happens to your car.