Know Who You Are Selling To!

As the GDP of countries increase, one thing that rises with it is consumerism. Industrialization has made consumer goods more affordable, more available. To put it simply, people buy a lot more than they used to. As a businesswoman, this works out in your favour!

Shop till you drop

Consumerism has defined our generations, but you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. As a smart businesswoman, you should identify who you want to target for your car detailing business. You may want to start small, with a demographic you feel confident will be interested in your business, and create a demand for it, before you expand to trickier groups of people. Now while consumerism is rising, you need to keep in mind that this does not mean that everyone has a significant disposable income. The service you are trying to sell should be targeted at people with deeper pockets that usual, at least if you want to make a profit. Visit this link car detailing Newcastle.

Service for all?

Now as this is a subject you are passionate about, you may want everyone to be able to consider you as an option, regardless of the depth of their pockets. One way you can do that is to provide a tiered service. A premium range can be offered, with a more personalized service, greater detail and higher prices, in addition to two other more affordable ranges which provide your customers with the more essential components, without any of the frills, but at a lower price. This could be one way for you to expand your customer base and diversify, both of which can only mean more stability for your business and a better bottom line for your accounts! Another point you should consider is how you market this. If you are providing tiers of service, with each tier targeted at a different demographic, you will have to have a comprehensive plan which effectively achieves this.

Marketing is key

One way for you to improve the way in which you present your services is to have clear representations of the different tiers. For instance, you could use a mobile car detailing Sydney option as an defining feature of the premium package targeted at your higher end customers. You should also put careful thought into the mediums you choose to advertise on. It is best that you have an active social media presence, which is both attractive and informative in terms of prices and services offered. You should also consider more conventional forms of advertising in order to reach an older demographic. Most importantly, enjoy the work you do, be dedicated, and watch the customers pouring in.